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Ed Terry on Ruffyunz III

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

You could say that I am a purveyor of one’s inner most thoughts and fantasy’s, painting on this cinematic canvas called RUFFYUNZ.

Here, music ceases to be classified in one particular direction and spreads out like a Peacock in heat and defiance with all the colors and flavors of life’s imagination and insanity.

I’ve worn many hats in the arena of sound but RUFFYUNZ is by far the most radically brazen, letting it all fly and feel the thunder statement.

RUFFYUNZ consists of a cast of insanely talented veterans with an infectious desire, and an air of change.

RUFFYUNZ III will open up a new dimension in tonal and rhythmic freedom to fold space-time as we know it.

This CD is a musical Hedron collider, sending the planet into a state of quantum orgasmic musical bliss.

I started working with Randy Pratt about 8 years ago. He is a very artistic musical talent with a vision. Not afraid to take chances. Shattering the glass ceiling and going the extra mile,

<> is a gateway to a new exciting agenda in music... raising the bar at every turn.

Let it be known on this day that we have released the Kraken in RUFFYUNZ III.

Ed Terry in his studio
Ed Terry in his studio


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