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When bassist / harmonica player / songwriter / conceptualist band leader Randy Pratt started a world-class recording studio in a sleepy village in unsuspecting Long Island in 1996, he’d had a 20-year baptism of fire in NYC, starting in the late 70s when the BIG APPLE was the center of the Rock ‘n’ Roll universe. Since that ’96 opening, he’s recorded between 30 and 40 full albums of original material, mostly his own bands, but he also reunited Vanilla Fudge and Cactus, with who he’s played harp all over the U.S, Europe, and Japan.

 The “Hyperspace Records” logo was first printed on the first Star People record in 1999 and has graced an amazingly broad variety of genres and styles of music. Though the brainchild of Randy, he is quoted as saying one of his best skills is “knowing my strengths and weaknesses and recognizing other people’s special talents.” That, coupled with a natural, egoless love of collaborating —“It’s my social life.”— has led to a nonstop parade of surprising releases.


We have decided to put it ALL up, right here, for free viewing and are looking forward to honest commentary, reviews, and conversations with anyone interested in what we’ve got here. We invite one and all to check out our newest release, then wander through our growing library of past adventures.


Randy and his partners have a massive collection of international press, videos, and photo collection that goes with the music. Check it out and come back to whenever you feel like it. 

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Hyperspace Records

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