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Randy Pratt

Patrick Klein

Mike DiMeo

Bobby Rondinelli

4 to 11

The Lizards

4 to 11

The title is taken from “This is Spinal Tap”’s famous scene where Nigel tries to explain why his amp is customized to go the extra notch past 10 to ELEVEN! The Lizards new lineup is well oiled from constant touring and take it to 11 all through this 2-hour showcase of what happens when a band DOES rehearse that much. Just to show off how “on the money” their timing is, songs switch from Germany to NY, then to Sweden Rock Festival without missing a beat. Dressed to the nines, cocky, tight, complex arrangements perfect with no “fixes” in the studio. The last 45 minutes is a NY show where Randy insisted they play all “never done live” songs… and not the easy ones. Nailed it. No one knew it would be their final live performance.
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