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Scott Treibitz

Rob Schwimmer

Rich Zukor

Mike Marks

Randy Pratt

Patrick Klein

Mike DiMeo


Gentlemen’s Academy


"When was the last time you heard great, new classic ‘soft rock‘…you know, like The Eagles, Firefall, Bread, The Lovin’ Spoonful? "LOVE SONGS, NOTHING BUT LOVE SONGS" and if the writers are worldly enough, there'll be a tinge of bitter sweet mixed in with the wide-eyed, open heart JOY. No break-up songs, just "life is short" wisdom. "Gentlemen's Academy" is a great new group with half a dozen world class singers, some known, some just great, squeezing every drop of soul bearing honest vulnerability from the "true life" melodic masterpieces by guitarists Mike Marks and Patrick Klein, joined by heart-on-his-sleeve melodicist (did I just make up that word?) and lyricist Randy Pratt. It's never too late for JOY! enjoy! They don't write 'm or play 'm like this anymore!
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