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Scott Treibitz

Clark Gayton

James Zollar

Danny Biondo

Randy Pratt


NYC Blues Devils


The NYC Blue Devils at their peak. Joined by an all-star 4 piece horn section, Randy displays his growing confidence on harmonica just by standing up there like he’s leading Bruce Springsteen, Prince, and Wynton Marsalis alumni. Danny dances, duets with “Anita Cookie” star of their weekly “Le Scandal” gig and glows with confidence and understanding of the musical tradition he’s honoring, The Doctor, Scott, calmly spills his impressive piano chops, including that powerful left hand that is the band’s BASS. A great show and a great, pro-shot film. Let it be said… this band’s original songs do not fall into the trap many jazz / blues purists do by treating the music like sacred museum pieces that must walk a strictly non-veering path. These guys write songs, sacred and profane like they INVENTED the style.
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