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Paul Gifford

Randy Pratt

Patrick Klein

Pop Shot

Fun Puppet

Pop Shot

After the world touring whirlwind that "The Lizards” were for a jam-packed 5 years, songwriting team, bassist Randy Pratt & Guitarist, vocalist, and world-class studio wiz Pat Klein didn’t want to say “Goodbye” yet. Grabbing Paul Gifford, the drummer / singer from "The Funky Knights" and "Be-Do” and lead vocalist / percussionist for “Star People” & “Rickity”, the intention was to lighten things up just a bit and write some unapologetic “POP SONGS”…nuthin’ wrong with that! Catchy, memorable songs and a feel like “Friends” are making music. Great pro-shot video of their final show with Ariel Levine (Be - Do) added on 2nd guitar and backing vocals here on the site.
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