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T.C. Tolliver

Jesse Berlin

Pat Travers

Ed Terry

Neil Cicione

Randy Pratt

Paul Latimer

JZ Barrell




This intended one-off has turned into Randy Pratt’s new “Main Gig”. It's very uncommon for songs to be written on bass. Though these songs are credited to “Randy Pratt - Bass and effects pedals… J. Z. Barrell - engineering, co-producing and arranging… Ed Terry - vocals.“ the songs are written on bass or bass and drums, then vocals. THEN guitars are added. There’s a subtle difference in the music that this creates. This first RUFFYUNZ album has Pat Travers on every song, sparring with HYPERSPACE child prodigy Jesse Berlin. Heavy, funky, classic but hard to pin a label on. A surprise at every turn. There are 5 more “RUFFYUNZ” albums in the pipeline with an amazing array of “name” guests.
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