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John Garner

Randy Pratt

Patrick Klein

Bobby Rondinelli

The Show Must Go On

The Lizards

The Show Must Go On

The band's 2nd tour of Europe shows them growing in confidence. Randy even does an extended bass solo…more flash / trash and show biz than musical…and cool. Bobby Rondinelli was unable to make the tour. He was juggling The Lizards with Blue Oyster Cult and had gotten away with it until ONE B.O.C. gig forced him to stay home. Vinnie Appice to the rescue! 3 weeks of “play the set 3 times every day” (Randy, you KNOW that NO ONE rehearses like this, right?) and 26 gigs into the tour, a film crew was there in Sweden to record the headliner again and The Lizards bought into it. Early in the tour, during soundcheck, Vinny’s brother Carmine, his “Vanilla Fudge” drum kit onstage on a riser behind Vinny, did a drum impromptu drum battle. Randy insisted that Carmine do it every night during Vinny’s solo. They now tour as “Drum Wars”… you’re welcome, guys. This captures John Garner’s last tour with The Lizards and gives a rare “what if” another world-class drummer steered the band with a distinctly different style.
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