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Bobby Rondinelli Looks Back

About 20 Years ago I got a call from Jimmy Haslip to play drums on Mark Stein’s album. Jimmy, with a list of credits a mile long, was playing bass and was the musical director. I was a big fan of the Vanilla Fudge and Boomerang so I was really into working with Mark.

So the day to start recording is here, I put my cymbals, sticks, and a 1920’s Ludwig black beauty in the car and took off for Manhasset Long Island. I pulled into the driveway of a nice normal Manhasset home, knocked on the front door. The door opened, and that’s where normal ended. A skeleton was at the front door, aliens painted on the walls, wild custom furniture, a Mars Attacks dining room, with real props from the movie. I’d never seen anything like it, that day changed my life !

The Mark Stein record went great... so great that the owner of the house and studio, Randy Pratt, asked me to record on some of his songs. The sessions went great and we really enjoyed working together. More songs more recordings, the songs never seemed to end, great writing, great music.

Fast forward, I joined The Lizards while I was a member of Blue Oyster Cult.

We recorded toured, rehearsed 4 days a week, played on side projects, and made great music. 

Randy, Patrick Klein, John Garner, Mike DiMeo, and yours truly, kicked ass all over the world.


Today Hyperspace Records, is going strong, there is so much music coming out it blows my mind. I’m still working with Randy. He’s like the Pope in the Middle Ages, helping musicians find their musical voice, a one-of-a-kind guy.

Me? I’m still recording and producing for Randy in numerous projects, which we will talk about very soon. I think you’re going to like it. 

I’m also producing and drumming for other projects as well as recording and touring with Axel Rudi Pell.

Well that’s it for now. Check out Hyperspace, you’ll love what you hear !!!


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