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Hi Everyone!

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the GRANDE OPENING of the HYPERSPACE RECORDS WEBSITE. Hyperspace Records was born with the release of the first record by Sci-fi prog band STAR PEOPLE in 1999.

During a 20 year “baptism of fire” in NYC’s East Village, then the ROCK ’n ROLL capital of the universe, I was blessed with the good fortune to be tutored by some legends of the New York music community. I learned how to accept the “designated driver” role, that I had the right personality to be the reluctant leader of every band I was in, which meant I maintained strict work habits and ran efficient, structured rehearsals…LOTS OF REHEARSALS. It was all I could control. I was only interested in doing original songs.

Randy Pratt, Hyperspace Records
Randy Pratt, Hyperspace Records

Only knowing bass and only singing well enough to show a song to a singer, coupled with my love of the communal feeling of a group, I learned through doing how to create great songs in collaboration. Though I was in many bands in many different styles of music, I found a few artists that really connected with me and are still in my “inner circle” 42 years later. Paul Latimer, a guitarist who can take the role of “rhythm guitar” and make it the thing that grabs the listener hardest. He’s also the guy who always covers my blind spot…the technical stuff…like building this website….I know, Paul, you’ll say SUE CANDIA DID IT. The team of Paul and Sue, DUCKINC. (Ducks are cool…I’m partial to Squirrels, myself) have made all the covers, posters and most of the photographs you’ll see here.

Since the 1996 opening of the world-class recording studio “ELECTRIC RANDYLAND,” the creative possibilities have opened up far beyond rehearsing and gigging. During lockdown 2021 Hyperspace recorded 7 new albums of original material with a star-studded cast whose names make me blush. I might remember covid as my most productive year as an artist.

These will be released periodically over the coming year, always HERE, on this website, for our friends, for free.

There are others in the inner circle I will introduce in the coming weeks. We all need each other and we all NEED to make this music. I hope that that passion comes through to you and that you know that there is such a wide variety of styles here that no one song or group on this site defines HYPERSPACE. Jump around in our library and be surprised.


Thank you.

Randy Pratt



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