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In what ways is editing in the creative process misunderstood or underappreciated?

Artists can be very precious about their creations. I have been guilty of it myself. I write a lot of songs, partial songs, and lyrics. I have, many times, resisted “editing” the finished product. I have been wrong, more times than not. I didn’t like the idea of some “know-it-all all” chopping up MY brilliant idea! Luckily, even though I STILL have a knee-jerk reaction to hearing the words;

“I think that this needs to be cut down a little.”

I now realize that even when writing a novel or song that is very personal, it’s important for an artist to know their strengths and weaknesses and surround themselves with collaborators who have the skills to fill in their blanks, or weak spots.

I just tonight listened to a dear friend / world-renowned drummer, Bobby Rondinelli ( Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, The Lizards ) play me a drastically rearranged version of a song of mine. He very cautiously, preemptively said;

“I LOVE this song… you write great riffs and lyrics… I just thought that I could make it work better with a new arrangement.”

I had to admit, it was a big improvement.

A lot of very talented people are held back by their inability to share the spotlight.

Bobby Rondinelli
Bobby Rondinelli


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