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National Wrecking Company Release on the Horizon

We’re nearing completion of our National Wrecking Company volume II extravaganza and I couldn’t be more jazzed, excited and fulfilled!

We began pre-pandemic and have been resuming, refining and grooving on such diverse musical discourse that it leaves me somewhat astounded as to the width and breadth of this material!

I got Bernie Tormé involved to contribute monstrous Bernie magic and Randy invited Deep Purple keyboardist Don Airey who SLAYED on B-3 and some amazingly gifted guitarists to offer their majick as well.

Our lovely producer, engineer and mega friend JZ Barrell is always the perfect conduit part of our team to put dream into action in the sonics dept.

So it shouldn’t be much longer till release.

Strap yourself in for some cosmic mind-Wrecking adventures!


Jimmy Kunes


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